Teaching for Thinking

A 12 month professional development program to deepen your pedagogical expertise in critical and creative thinking.

The Centre for Critical & Creative Thinking presents a continuing professional development opportunity in critical thinking education.

Teaching for Thinking: Cognition by design — by Dr Peter Ellerton

This 12 month program will provide educators and school leaders with the knowledge and skills to develop the cognitive ability of their students through a focus on developing pedagogical expertise in Teaching for Thinking.

Beginning with a two-day foundational workshop, the Teaching for Thinking program will explore the nature of critical thinking, its role in state and national curricula, the pedagogical implications for teaching critical and creative thinking, and how to embed these practices into your subject matter.

Regular online activities and master classes along with access to a peer support network, will provide the additional structure necessary for you to transform you classroom or school into a thinking one.

“Peter has been pivotal in the design and implementation of the educational program at Brisbane Grammar School that is guiding us into the future.”

— Head of Learning, Brisbane Grammar School

“Teachers are starved with regard to professional development. It is so rare to have an experience like this one. This is the best PD I have ever attended.”

— Classroom Teacher, United States node of the Aspiring Thinker’s Network

“As a beginning teacher, this has been the biggest possible gift I could ask for. The content, all of it, will be invaluable to me for the duration of my career. I would recommend that if ever any person (no matter how long they have been teaching) was starting to feel flat or disengaged in their role as a teacher, then they should sign up to this program.“

— Beginning Teacher, Brisbane

“Excellent delivery. Thoroughly engaging through use of practical examples that made me question my current practice. Well-paced, plenty of information, lots to think about. Content and delivery were excellent. Left me wanting more.”

— Queensland State School Curriculum Leader

Workshops will be re-scheduled once COVID-19 travel restrictions are eased. Please complete the form below and we'll let you know when 2021 dates firm.

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About Peter Ellerton

Peter Ellerton

Peter is a senior research fellow at the Centre for Critical & Creative Thinking, as well as the Curriculum Director of the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project. He has extensive international teaching and curriculum and assessment design experience, including syllabus writing for the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) and for the International Baccalaureate Organisation. He is the chief professional development provider for the Aspiring Thinker’s Network, in partnership with The Queensland department of Education’s Impact Centre services over 200 schools and 600 teachers.

Peter has provided consultancy and professional services for a large number of clients, including the NSW Education department Catalyst Lab, the QCAA, the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), The European Commission Joint Research Centre, D-Teach Belgium, the Australian Defence Force and hundreds of State and Private Schools in Australia, North America and South Africa.